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  1. Hello Kyoko,
    Why not keep writing. I think you do it well. Your main asset I think is you have a broad cross-cultural experience by being Chinese, having lived in France (Paris) and now relocated in the UK. You probably could help international firms bridge the gap between the cultures you are familiar with, and help them develop and adapt their products. Feel free to drop me a few lines to talk about it.

  2. Frankly the UK is a bitch for getting a job :/ I am from the UK too and almost everyone I know is moving to another country for work. Keep going though! Let us both not give up! Btw, Kyoko is a cute name :).

      1. My mistake, it says you are BBC, sorry =.=. Anyway best of luck with your decisions… you seem to have very supportive fans 🙂

  3. Hi Kyoko! Thanks for the blog follow!

    I don’t know you well yet, but I must say I’m proud of you! Way to follow your dreams and take big leaps! Remember that the greatest artists and inventors of our time achieved success by taking those same kinds of leaps, and even if you fail at something along the way, they had the courage to try again. Go get ’em, girl! You rock!

  4. Hi Kyoko – I’m NZ-born Chinese & I think I have some feel for your situation. Be pleased that your mum is not a Tiger Mom! 😉

    The most important to learn in life is about yourself – then you can trust your intuitions.
    Cheers, Owen

    PS. Hey thanks for dropping in to see my blog pics, I’ll try to post more soon.
    PPS. Your name is Japanese, right?

    1. Hey Owen,
      What is a Tiger mum?
      Yeh, its not my real name – its a pseudo. Long story.
      And thanks to you also for dropping by and reading my blog. 🙂

  5. hello 🙂
    Im impressed about what you’re doing, and WOW! watching your number of has sent CV makes me wonder how firm are you haha
    well, Im ur new blog visitor 😀 hahaha

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      Hahah I think in today’s economy it’s necessary to send as many CV’s as possible. Unfortunately, there is only a lucky few who will graduate and walk into a great job. But I am not sure how “firm” I am though haha 🙂

  6. I would like to say “Be your own boss.” However, I am interested in how your this journey goes 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story with us. It also demands some courage, I guess, which many people wouldn’t be able to do or would refuse to do so.

  7. Hi Kyoko. I’m Jaye. I started my blog about my language learning goals for the same reason, to keep myself motivated and as consistent as I can. I find it inspiring to hear the stories of other people, so I checked out your blog.I hope your whole Munich internship/Paris thing works out fine. Cheers!

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